In today’s time, complete management of a condo/townhome association is nothing less than a dedicated full-time job. It’s never-ending list of constant demands range from accounts management, property repairs and maintenance, legal matters, community services, and all the other day-to-day occurring issues.

Imagine having a dedicated team that offers consistent support and guidance  – a team of condo/townhome management experts providing all the services you need; and that too on economical charges.

Skybridge Property

Providing Everything & More..
We have been the market leaders in Los Angeles and Orange County, by successfully managing innumerable condos/townhome for the last whole decade. With an objective to offer unconditional support for the growth of communities – we have worked honestly and tirelessly in partnership with several condo associations, finding the resources they need and providing the required services.

Our experience and expertise are the accurate definition of turnkey service providers. We aim to provide streamlined and hassle-free condo/townhome management services – be it regular property inspection and fee collection, or hiring and managing plumbers, electricians, and landscapers; we ensure to take the burden off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on developing an ideal community.

Our Condo/Townhome Management Services

Building repairs
Emergency services
Solicitation of bids
Snow removal
Utility services
Dealing with state and local Condo/Townhome law
Emergency procedures
Maintaining legal documents
Receive architectural submissions
Front desk procedures
Visitor and vendor management systems

On top of the services enlisted above, we also provide extensive range of value-added services, some of which are: Specialized insurance and financial products, state-of-the-art technology solutions, along with a 24/7 available customer support.

Condo/Townhome Property ManagementEasing The Burden Like Never Before

Condo/Townhome Owner’s Associations (COA) require diverse range of solutions for the all the unique condo demands that just never stop – Such requirements are not usually covered by the standard services that any Home Owner Association (HOA) management companies offer. 

Regardless, if the problem is regarding the building or the residents, we have a well-equipped team capable of catering your high condo demands. There is nothing that our experts at Skybridge Property can not offer – be it landscape transformation, clubhouse renovation & repairs, or even the addition of a pool or outdoor patio. Nothing is impossible for us!

Administrative Responsibilities
Along with all the other responsibilities that come with a condo/townhome management company, the most overwhelming and monotonous tasks are; managing all the sales and purchases, defining and enforcing guidelines, attending and hosting meetings, taking votes, etc. The only effective way to streamline these tasks and ensure their success is a stable and single point of contact. Skybridge provides an expert property manager who caters all this coordination, and takes responsibility for all these administrative tasks, adding value and ease.
A property management company like Skybridge that’s been serving for almost a decade now, offers the best property managers in the game. Such skilled and experienced individuals are completely capable of efficiently managing complicated issues, offer guidance and direction, along with establishing law and order. Our property managers who’ve gained experienced by managing several properties, can offer to save alot of time and money for homeowners; their experience also gives them exposure to recurring issues, and allows them to product the long term results of their decisions.

Additional Support We Offer

  • Manage the association within budget

  • Provide access to pertinent community information

  • Help the board effectively govern the community

  • Help to enforce the covenants and restrictions fairly and consistently

  • Be a well-rounded resource for challenges the association may face

  • Help the board to keep the residents informed and satisfied

  • Project planning and management

  • Help the board to build a strong sense of community

  • Foster great vendor relationships

  • Unique management technique, starting with finding good leaders

  • Long term success for the property and your residents

Skybridge Property Empowering Investors, Property Owners, & Tenants

Our team at Skybridge manages the properties of all our clients just as it is our own investment. Our extensive knowledge, experience, and portfolio reflects the premium quality of services we offer.

Whether you desire to use your property for a constant cash flow, or you wish to increase the value and put it up for sale – Skybridge Property will guide and assist you through all.

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