Single Family Home Management is a dedicated task that needs to be carried out with zeal, enthusiasm, and commitment. At Skybridge we provide experienced and hard-working property managers who are committed to their work, the consequent result, and are serving days and nights to ensure client satisfaction.

Managing a property on behalf of the owner is sometimes a  burdensome task for real estate investors – instead of looking managing or overlooking day-to-day chores of the property, is it not better to opt for a single family home management company that will wholesome care, looking after the repairs and preparation of your property, will make effective marketing plans, screening trust-worthy tenants for your property, and keep your property well-maintained.

Skybridge has a decade worth of reputation in the market and is one of the best house rental companies, offering the best rental property management of California.

We are capable of managing your condominiums, apartments, multifamily property, and single family home management; ensuring that our clients are satisfied, knowing their properties are in safe hands.

Our Single Family Management responsibilities includes

Residential Property Maintenance

  • The Skybridge property management team is responsible for keeping our property in safe and sound condition.
  • Maintenance like repairing, painting, landscaping, cleaning and other improvements will be taken care of.
  • We will also suggest additional improvements to your property so that we could rent it on a higher value.
  • We will introduce our trust-worthy contractors with you.

Accounts and Rental Management

  • Skybridge will look at the taxation process for all clients according to the law of the city and state.
  • Our expert bookkeepers will keep you updated about the monthly rental statements and will send you the invoices.
  • We are responsible for collecting your rents, looking after the repair and maintenance costs and your residential property income and expenses.

Productive Marketing Strategies

  • Our marketers are aware of the competition in California’s rental.
  • We will take attractive pictures of your property using our professional photographers once it is prepared.
  • Our marketing team will post those attractive pictures on social media platforms and different trending websites in the form of advertisements.
  • We assure our clients to get a number of tenants from our marketing strategies.

Screening Tenants

  • Our screening method is proven to be sustainable and effective when it comes to choosing an ideal tenant for our client.
  • We check all the records, residential rentals history, income, criminal records and background of the tenant.
  • We assure to help our client in selecting the right tenant for their residential property who will make payments without any delay or hindrances.

Rental property management

  • Our experienced team will take over your residential rentals.
  • We will rent your property on the most competitive rent prices in California
  • Our rental managers will consider all the features and amenities during the price evaluation.

Your Tenants, Our duty

  • We will keep in touch with your property tenants.
  • Ensuring their satisfaction will be our primary goal.
  • If the tenants ask for any maintenance services, with the permission of our client we will resolve the issue with the settled budget of the property.

About our Single Family Property Management Team

  • Best Resident Property Managers
    Skybridge does not compromise on its services and will bring up an ideal single family property management team who will serve clients with their vast experience.

  • Our Resources
    Our dedicated team tends to be decisive in the crucial moments. In any case we miss our clients availability, our expert team will take profitable decisions on behalf of our clients

  • Outstanding Marketing services
    Marketing is now a main element in this active world. Skybridge’s marketing team is aware of all the marketing strategies to promote your single family property.

  • We are Affordable
    The primary goal is to keep our clients happy and satisfied because we need you to be a part of us for a lifetime and that’s why our charges are affordable at a competitive market price.

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