Unshackle The Full Potential of Your Multifamily Property

Looking for Small Multifamily Property Management Services?

Skybridge Property is the perfect solution to all your multi unit property needs – from tenant placement and property maintenance, to financial accounting and everything else.

On top of exceptional customer support, we’re experts at playing a dozen other roles on a daily basis, that our job requires. Whenever the need be, we’re salesman, moderators, facilitators, accountants, as well as supervisors; all at the same time. We not only ensure to find the perfect tenant for your multi unit property, but we will also take on the responsibility to guarantee their retention and satisfaction.

Being experts at this multivariable role, we fulfill all the requirements by being flexible and communicative with the residents. It is quite common for multi unit property managers to make the blunder of assuming that they can sit back and relax once the unit vacancy has been filled – Not Us! We continue to develop a healthy relationship with the residents, and let our actions show that how valued they are. This not only makes the journey easier, but also ensures tenant retention.

Our Exceptional Services

Our years of experience and an extensive portfolio allows us to offer a wide range of small multifamily property management services. We not only provide quality services, but we also ensure flexibility and customized services tailored to your specific needs.

  • Property marketing and listing

  • Rent Collection

  • Addressing tenant concerns

  • Routine property and ground inspections

  • Tenant verification and vetting

  • Property Repairs & Maintenance

  • Renewing tenancy

Property Marketing and Listing
We make sure to utilize both pre-marketing as well as advertising to carry out successful marketing of your small multifamily homes. It starts off with a detailed rental analysis of the properties in the entire vicinity, which helps us understand if there’s any upgrade required in your small multifamily homes in comparison to the features that neighborhood offers. As a consequence to the upgrades, we can demand the optimal rent for your small multifamily homes. 

Then comes the advertisement part – starting with pictures, we use high-tech gear and state-of-the-art software to have the best photography and post-production done to portray your property as visually appealing as possible. With a goal to get you the utmost exposure, we leverage all the popular rental listing sites and social media.

Tenant Verification & Vetting
Choosing the perfect tenant is an immensely important job, and we are very careful when shortlisting the potential tenants. We run an in-depth background check on each tenant, focusing on their credit score and rental history, which shows how accountable they are. Another important factor we look into is the criminal history, which is very important in order to avoid any problems. 
Rent Collection
We are very particular when it comes to enforcing the lease policies. When managing your property for rentals, the rent payment will always be due on the 1st of every month, but will not be considered late until the 5th of that month. In case the tenant does not pay the rent on the given date, we personally follow up and visit the property, ensuring that the situation is take care of.
Property Repairs & Maintenance
Skybridge Property never removes it’s focus off the safety and habitability of your small multifamily homes, keeping it in-line with the state law. As it is also aligned with our goal to find and retain the right tenants for long.

In case of damaged property, our wholesome team of expert professionals also have licensed contractors and qualified vendors, who are experienced in repairs and maintenance of properties, ensuring safety and visual perfection.

In addition to that, we also make sure to conduct property inspections at regular intervals, which keeps us up to date on the condition of your small multifamily property.

Additional Support We Offer

  • Tenant Retention

  • Turn-key Maintenance

  • Leasing & Marketing

  • Manage All Accounting


Skybridge Property Empowering Investors, Property Owners, & Tenants

Our team at Skybridge manages the properties of all our clients just as it is our own investment. Our extensive knowledge, experience, and portfolio reflects the premium quality of services we offer.

Whether you desire to use your property for a constant cash flow, or you wish to increase the value and put it up for sale – Skybridge Property will guide and assist you through all.

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