Top Property Management Companies You Can Rely On


Based on the Department of Housing and Urban Development, there are approximately 10 and 12 million landowners in the United States. An estate maintenance business ensures a commercial or residential income property is profitable, well-known, well-maintained, and occupied by tenants.

These businesses also often update their proprietors on the important performance indicators of the property. 

Companies that manage properties take on the workplace stress of owning a business and investment rental properties. Following an assessment of 18 businesses’ offerings, pricing policies, reporting capacities, and renter and landlord interactions, we settled on these top eight. Read further to discover top property management companies. 

Top property management companies of 2022:


With more than 500,000 housing units under management in the US, Greystar is a market leader in rental property management.

Greystar has exploded onto the scene and positioned itself as a leader in the rental property management field while being one of the younger members. With more than 660,000 managed properties, the firm is on track to handle over a billion and possibly expand to all 50 states in the United States.

Its recent success can be due to its intense commitment to investing in its homes and to using lovely, thorough listings to draw elite members to its neighbourhoods. It also serves a range of residential consumers, including elderly and students. One of the world’s biggest multifamily and commercial real estate businesses, Greystar manages approximately $32 billion in assets.

A homepage that is not as user-friendly as it may be appears to be one disadvantage. However, landowners may rest easy knowing that Greystar is an outstanding partner because it strives to entice the best inhabitants and consistently invests in and improves properties.

BH Management Services:

There is no better option for managing your rental homes than BH Management Services, which has a wide selection of residential housing under property management East Los Angeles, as well as cutting-edge, resident-attractive programmes like Home Automation Tech and Green Preservation. BH Management Services rocketed to our list of top property management companies thanks to its well-known programmes encouraging environmental and economic sustainability.

BH Management Services provides management, construction, equities, design, and planning services. The business offers its customers accounting, operations, advertising, IT, reporting and business intelligence services through BH Management Services. For your residence, the company employs and manages local managerial staff.


Over 100,000 apartments, including low-cost housing and renovated historic buildings, have been acquired by WinnCompanies. The goal of such “deep energy retrofits” is to render older homes more energy-efficient, preserving the character and individuality of a location without increasing owners’ and renters’ energy costs.

In order to get LEED certification for its properties, WinnCompanies adheres to best practices recommended by groups just as U.S. Green Building Council and Enterprise Green Communities.

Sadly, property management East Los Angeles sustainability efforts frequently result in higher initial costs, and fresh landowners may not immediately profit from these power-saving efforts. Despite this slight hiccup, WinnCompanies has a history of creating $3 billion worth of real estate, and its commitment to quality makes it a great candidate for real estate partnerships.

What to consider when choosing top property management companies: 

The following are the primary criteria to consider when choosing property management firms.

Property location:

Before hiring a rental property management field company, it’s important to consider the regions where it conducts business. Let’s say an owner has a building in Florida, yet no firm currently oversees real estate there. Due to its lack of local ties and potential lack of knowledge of the area, it might not be the best candidate to employ in that situation. A firm that already conducts business in the region, wherever your property is situated, will be acquainted with the market and can efficiently promote and foresee local peculiarities, such as weather changes or lease trends.


A proprietor should be completely aware of the organisation is giving before deciding which property maintenance company to hire. Owners should ascertain their demands and communicate them to the businesses they are considering.

Therefore, a homeowner must select a management company they can rely on. A top property management company should prevent loss or damage to a property, execute repairs on schedule, and maintain correct records. Additionally, an owner needs to ascertain the company’s communication norms.

A number of units and properties:

The number of units a firm handles may be more significant, even though the duration of a company’s existence may seem to be a crucial consideration. A company’s size and success can be gauged by the number of units it runs. A robust inventory with a large number of units under administration can signify that the firm has stopped using ineffective strategies and understands how to attract a broader range of renters.


The top property management companies understand how to keep your facility operating at peak efficiency, reduce investment risk, protect your firm’s image, and interact with you as often as you like. Whether you work with a massive corporation with a global consumer base or a tiny neighborhood business with a stellar reputation in your community, ensure they have a detailed set of operating guidelines. All the people on our list of the best performers are pretty good at it.

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